PAX Good Behavior Game (GBG)

The PAX Good Behavior Game (GBG) is an evidence-based prevention strategy to help students develop pro-social skills while learning to delay gratification and self-manage. PAX GBG is foundational—helping students to achieve not only classroom success, but a lifetime of positive outcomes.

Lifetime Outcomes

Research shows that individuals who can successfully delay gratification and self-manage have significantly better lifetime outcomes, including but not limited to
  • Less nicotine use
  • Less alcohol and other drug abuse
  • Greater persistence toward high school graduation and continued education
  • Less need for individual education plans (IEPs)
  • Less suicide ideation/attempts
  • Longer time before sexual experimentation
  • Less need for mental health services

In the Classroom: Short-term Outcomes

PAX GBG is employed primarily, but not exclusively, in elementary school classrooms. The program helps teachers build nurturing environments conducive to students’ increased psychological safety and flexibility by reducing toxic influences, building pro-social skills such as kindness, cooperation and interdependence, and limiting behavior that interferes with effective teaching and learning.

PAX GBG Teacher Training Opportunities

Training to implement PAX GBG involves attendance at a one-day workshop. Training and materials have thus far been provided at no cost, covered through generous grant support. For information on training opportunities, please call or text (937) 206-0203, or call (937) 325-5564 to leave a message.

PAX Partner Support

WellSpring provides PAX Partner support to all teachers in Clark County. PAX Partners visit classrooms to gather data, and to support teachers in successful program implementation.

Teacher Testimonials

One of the things that I have found most helpful about PAX is how the program really clarifies the vision of how we want our classroom to be. It helps both the students and me as the teacher be more accountable for how our choices and behavior impacts the entire classroom environment. The PAX games started out as a way for us to practice this vision, and over time, we have gained enough stamina so that we can demonstrate these positive behaviors the majority of the time.   The program has really shown me how the simplest of activities can be a reward and ultimately tie into the overall sense of community more than any sticker or toy ever could.   I truly have enjoyed implementing the program and techniques!   Amy Williams – 1st grade teacher, Fulton Elementary   The PAX Good Behavior Game (GBG) is a wonderfully effective program that allows each student to acknowledge appropriate behaviors and monitor these behaviors with incentives to be a PAX leader.  The children LOVE the Granny\'s Wacky Prizes and actively work toward achieving these rewards.  The consistent use of the PAX GBG helps each child internalize the appropriate behaviors necessary to be a successful PAX Leader in all areas!   Larry Marple – 2nd grade teacher, Snowhill Elementary   PAX is an amazing tool that can be used across grade levels. It can change the entire classroom environment.  My students love playing the game because it provides a quiet atmosphere for them to complete their work. And they LOVE Granny\'s Wacky Prizes.   Kristen Wasson – 5th grade teacher, Rolling Hills Elementary