Individuals and families seek professional counseling and support for many reasons – behavior, anger, parenting struggles, anxiety, depression, and problems in school or on the job.iStock_000011058127XSmall

WellSpring offers counseling, support and programs for adults and children, individuals and families, designed to improve relationships and empower a better you.

Who We Serve

About 60 percent of our clients are adults and 40 percent are children. We serve individuals and families of all backgrounds and make-ups and recognize all of our clients’ relationships are unique.

“The most important person in your child’s life is you.” Richele Shepard, Executive Director, WellSpring

Vision, Mission and Values


WellSpring empowers individuals and families to make fundamental life changes through exceptional counseling and community outreach that improves quality of life.


WellSpring is the recognized leader in counseling and support programming to all who seek a better quality of life; is fiscally sound with a diversified funding base; is supported by a strong strategic plan and active volunteers; and is located in an agency-owned prime location where it is accessible to partner with other complementary service organizations.